We can all make a difference! For the last ten years the SeaMoon has been using kraft bags and boxes, while recycling discarded paper and plastic. We also use eco friendly products to clean windows and display cases. This year we are featuring solar chimes and unique fans to keep cool. It is worth a stop by the shop to see.
Information and links on opportunities to improve our environment
When you're on an Island it's all about the water! Pollutants in rain water run-off, mostly fertilizer residues from the mainland, choke the bay's ecosystem and stress local populations of clams, oysters, and striped bass. Lower water quality weakens the tourism, real estate, and marine related industies that are the foundation of our local economy. Read about the No Nitrogen Project at savebarnegatbay.org!
When you're on Long Beach Island consider walking or biking. Get off your seat and onto your feet! Choosing to Walk or bike instead of driving is good for your heart and the slower pace is good for your soul. Read about the The National Center for Biking and Walking at bikewalk.org!
Island life style is exciting. Where does this energy come from? Most homes on LBI use natural gas for heating. Electic power generated from solar, gas, oil, or coal is used for some heating, and all cooling and lighting. Read about incentives available for use of alternative energy at dsireusa.org!