YOU made a difference! The saving of the American Bald Eagle... the recovery of the Atlantic Striped Bass... and the replenishment of atmospheric ozone are examples of our ability to reverse damage to our environment
Information and links to EO success stories
Look! A giant bird with a bright white head and tail! The American Bald Eagle is making a strong comeback thanks in part to the detection and removal of the pollutant DDT from our environment. Read about the Bald Eagle Project from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service!
Fishing is life! The Atlantic Striped Bass is exciting to catch, is an important segment of the recreational economy and is a sensitive indicator of the marine environment. Read about Morone saxatilis at! and at!
Patching the Ozone hole? There are natural and anthropogenic, i.e. man made, causes that influence changes in atmospheric ozone. The concentration of U.V. radiation absorbing atmospheric ozone is on the rise again thanks in part to the detection and reduction of Chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs in our environment. Read about the recovery of Earths Ozone Layer at!